This picture is a facial compositWolfgang Amadeus Mozart, circa 1777, generated around 1991 (no later than 1992) by the Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden—the Federal Criminal Police Office of Wiesbaden, Germany—from four portraits that appeared during Mozart’s lifetime. The details on how or why they did this are scarce, unfortunately. In 1777 Mozart was twenty-one years old.

Who do you think he looks like—Gene Wilder? Tim Roth? Tom Hulce? Ladies (and gents), would you give this man your phone number?

There’s actually a second picture like this out there. An Alabama resident named Christine Pursell took this snapshot while on vacation in Mitteleuropa a few weeks ago. Pursell notes that it dates from 1993, although it says “Copyright 2002” on the picture itself.

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